Renting a home

Looking to Rent in Ottawa? Well Lets us Help you.

We have Locations across Ottawa, Both Homes or Apartments for Rent at Competive Prices without compromising quality.

Whether you are looking for a community nestled among majestic pines, one that's biking or walking distance to the University or one that's close to shopping, we can help. You'll find a home to fit your needs and prices that are affordableThe combination of over 25 years of experience with our in-depth knowledge and contacts in the Ottawa market permit us to find the best home deals at the best prices for our customers. We control over 300 rental units in the Ottawa area. Our attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business.

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Buying a home

Our philosophy is simple - if you can buy, you should.

Buying a home can be one of your most significant investments in life. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying process will be. The goal is to provide you with detailed information to assist you in making an intelligent and informed decision. We're only a phone call or email away!

You may build equity if your home goes up in value. History is on the side of home ownership here.

Mortgage Reduction
Since a portion of your payment pays down the amount of the mortgage, eventually you will be mortgage free. Rent never goes away!

You can decorate and improve your home to suit your taste and increase its value and enjoy owning your own home at the same time.

Stability vs Instability
As a home owner, you have complete control over when you move versus moving when you may not want to. You will also enjoy peace of mind living in your own home.

Retirement Fund and Savings Plan
A mortgage-free home is the best retirement fund. You get to live in and enjoy your investment.

Monthly Cost - Rent vs Buying
In some cases, the cost of owning your own home may be cheaper than renting. A payment calculator can help you compare rent vs owning.

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Selling a home

With The Number of buyers that Contact us, we will sell your home fast and for the most money possible!

We will conduct a thorough comparative market analysis by searching the database of all homes listed or sold in your area. With this current market data, we will be able to determine what your home might sell for if you decided to put it on the market.

We will show you...

  • Statistically, how to price your home at the 'right price'
  • How minor improvements can improve your bottom line
  • Why we are your best choice to help you get your home SOLD!

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