Recovery Services

By providing a comprehensive file management and outsourcing program to assist mortgage lenders, we help clients ensure a speedy and effective resolution of their defaulting mortgages. Through our Mortgage Portfolio Management Solution, all enforcement, property management and real estate marketing is handled by SUBHKIN CANADA PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND

Our goal is to save clients time and money. We ensure our clients have a high level of comfort by using well-defined benchmarks to handle such matters as property management costs and enforcing minimum acceptable time frames.

Current Clients:

  • Home Trust Company
  • New Haven Mortgage
  • Equity Financial Trust
  • Elle Mortgage Corp

    Our complete range of services includes:

    Mortgage Enforcement Services

  • Eviction
  • Property inspection
  • Turn Key property management
  • Secure premises
  • Real Estate Sales

  • Obtain appraisals
  • Arrange listing of property
  • Review pricing and market value assessments
  • Review, sign back, negotiate offers to purchase
  • Complete real estate transactions
  • Assign judgment to CMHC/Genworth
  • Process report and claim
  • Finalize any supplementary claim to CMHC/Genworth (if applicable)
  • We are the industry leader in applying service solutions to our mortgage enforcement practice and in turn provide you with complete satisfaction.

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